Sunday, March 15, 2009

Baby Callum 16TH March 1996

Today would have been Baby Callum`s 13TH birthday. He would have become a teenager today.

Callum died tragically due to placenta abruption after fighting for life for 4 1/2 hours. I went to the hospital due to his movements decreasing over the last couple of days, I was 36 weeks pregnant.
Callum was born by Cesarean section at 11. 55 am. A massive blood clot was found at the back of his placenta which was caused due to injury a few days previous after losing my way on a map down the lanes in south west Wales.

Callum had lost a lot of his blood and was given many blood transfusions to try to save him but with the loss of all his blood his liver and spleen were badly damaged and were a huge size shown on a cat scan. His life tragically ended at 4.30pm that fateful day.
I can recall every detail of the days leading to his death, the day he died and the days that came afterwards leading up to his funeral.

I held Callum for the whole of Mothers Day 1996 before being sent home. Every day for the next 10 days I sat with Callum at the funeral directors until the day he was buried on the 26TH March 1996.

Following his burial I developed blood clots on the lungs and was admitted to hospital yet again before being transferred to Staffordshire hospital. The days and months that followed were a nightmare, my book tells the more detailed story of the events around Baby Callum`s death along with many other horrific times in both mine and my children`s lives.


My family and I visited the boys grave today. Very soon the head stone will be back on which we are all looking forward to. The stone at present is waiting for the photographs of the children to be transferred to porcelain which is being done in Italy. The plot is due to be rolled flat so nothing can be planted on it at present anything placed on the grave has to be removable or squashed.

We placed daffodils`s on for Callum, A toy elephant was placed on with a card due to it being a special birthday for Callum, he would have become a teenager. The elephant is also for Daniel. A plant was left on the grave also by Gaynor. The sun shone today for a very special baby who never deserved to die and should be alive today.

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