Sunday, March 1, 2009

Alyn Waters County Park Walk & Picnic Mar 09

Yet another sunny spring day took us for a trip to Wrexham. We headed for Alyn Waters Country Park.

I have fond memories of this country park, as Daniel and I visited here every week before his horse riding lesson. He rode either Teddy or Homer at Clywd Special Riding Centre which is nearby. Alyn Waters was a perfect place to stop off for lunch and dog walk. Daniel rode his bicycle around here whilst we took Fred our dog for a walk. We then had lunch sometimes our camper van, other times in the cafe which is run by special needs students. Daniel and I had many happy times at this park and made many friends here. Steve an old friend, who lived nearby, would often meet up for a coffee and come for a walk with us, he was very fond of Daniel and enjoyed helping me, as Daniel was quite heavy to put on his bike as he got bigger. He was always happy to spare some of his time to help with Daniel.

We parked up today, then headed off towards the top of the park where you can see the metal sculptures. We then headed on the path down towards the river.

This part of the park is very pretty. Fred really enjoyed his running around paddling and swimming in the river. We all enjoyed our walk it was such a lovely day.

All to soon we were heading back to the car. Here we got out our picnic, sitting at a table we all tucked into a lovely picnic that I had prepared earlier.

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