Thursday, March 5, 2009

Face In The Clouds March 09

Driving back from kids club this week both Aaron and I had a strange experience. Aaron suddenly said look at the clouds mummy. I looked up to see what he meant.
Stopping the car to take it in, I was taken aback by what we both could see. A large face could be clearly seen amongst the clouds. It was the face of Daniel.
Aaron was fascinated just as I was. As we rummaged for the camera the face slowly faded before we had chance to take a photograph.
We were both clearly shocked by what we had just seen in the dusk sky.
We drove home slowly looking up to see if we could see the face again but it never returned.
When we told Nana she said she was sitting in her chair drinking her tea. Looking out of the window she to had seen the cloud passing over the house.
This is again one of the strangest experience`s we have felt and seen since losing our special boy. It wasn't even just one of us that saw this it was all of us ????

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