Saturday, March 21, 2009

Arrow Park Wirral March 09

Above the Arrow Brook. Below the Woods around the common.

We visited My Aunt and Aaron's Great Aunt Murial this week. She is in her 70`s and was admitted to hospital as her heart is not in good shape no more. Billy Aaron and I took my mum, Aaron`s Nana to see her at Arrow Park Hospital on the Wirral. Driving down in our old faithful VW, we stopped at McDonlads for our favourite a Latte before continuing our journey.

On arrival at the hospital Nana and I went in first to see her. It brought back memories for us as as a child I spent many a day at this hospital with my dad who had emphysema and munachocus. He has been very ill from when I was 3 yrs old, before he died at the hospital on Christmas Day 1989.

After seeing my Aunt for a while I headed back down to were Aaron and Billy were playing football. Honestly with these two I am not sure which on is the biggest kid, but then it is lovely to see Aaron with such a wonderful stepdad.

Putting Fred on the lead we headed for a walk. There are many walk routes around the hospital and I soon found my bearings. At the back of the hospital there is an open common with paths leading off in many directions. I spent many hours here walking as a child, then teenager to a young adult, with my dogs . I knew the paths well. It is such an easy place to get lost with miles of open land, river and woods.

For a while we stayed on the main common at the back of the hospital while the boys played football, Fred ran riot around the field for a good while keeping an eye on my at all times. I joined in the football along with a puppy Alsatian.

After some time we moved on we walked across the common taking the path over the brook then turned waking along the path next to the brook which opens up into a lake. Fred managed to find the only hole in the fence to take a swim in the brook. Came out looking rather smelly.

At the top of the lake we turned and walked across the woodland path to the top of the common. This open land is also a good spot for horse riding.

Upon reaching the top end of the common you can see the hospital in the distance. We headed back. Sticking a mucky Fred back in his cage we went in first having a cup of tea at Annabel`s cafe in the hospital grounds. Aaron and I bought our Aunt a get well card and a guardian angel. Billy had a good look around the hospital book shop.

We then headed up the the ward to visit our Aunt. She was thrilled with the angel that Aaron had given her. After a while we headed off. Stopping on the way at the Quay in Parkgate for the carvery. We took Fred for another walk to the local homemade ice cream shop before heading back home through North Wales.

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