Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Football Derby Liverpool V Everton

Last night we had a lovely evening out watching the Derby football game between Liverpool and Everton.
We headed to the venue at Park Hall It is also home to Welsh Premier side The New Saints of Oswestry Town and Llansantffraid Football Club. With it being a football club it has a great atmosphere for watching the football games.

Aaron loves football as does Billy. Aaron and I put on our Liverpool colours / Shirts, Billy with his Everton.

We sat down to watch the game after ordering chips and a pint. Its was a good game Liverpool scored first with Eveton scoring during the last few minutes of the game. Least with a 1 - 1 draw we all went home happy.

When I lived on the Wirral I always used to go to Liverpoool to watch the matches at Anfield. I also went to quite a few away games including football finals at Wembely with my dad and a few Friends. We used to have great times together.

Aaron enjoys both watching and playing football. He is a good little player. Below is a photograph of Aaron in his colours.

It was so nice to watch him enjoying himself last night especially after all the trauma he has had in his life. I know his happiness is due to the fact he now has people around him he can trust.

You should always be honest with children and tell them the truth at all times. With Aaron we have lived though the good and bad times together. He has seen heard and felt all the things I have. We have a very close trusting relationship this makes a happy child.

I feel for children that grow up in a world of deceit and lies. They grow up with clouded minds only to find out the truth later in life which destroys their world. Now or in the future both Aaron and I would not hesitate to tell it how it was or how it is. We lived for many years with lies and deceit. The truth will always be told in our family now matter what.

Happy trusting truthful relationships make happy children. My boy is a very happy little man.

My little boy is proud of his mum, like I am so proud of him. he is a star in his own right. Some children in this world are not so lucky are they.

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