Monday, January 12, 2009

Grace & Darcey`s Party - Darcey`s Christening

Last weekend we headed to the Wirral for a birthday party. Two special little girls and very pretty ones at that share the same birthday. Grace Lilly is 5yrs old and Darcey Mae is 1 today. A special day also for Darcey as she is getting christened.
Stopping at Mc Donalds for breakfast we then headed towards Queensferry dropping down onto the Old Chester Road. We had a pit stop at Water World and the garden centre. We had a good look around both places Aaron loves looking at the animals especially the fish.

We then headed to visit the boys grave. Here we all tidyed up the grave removing some rubbish that had been put on just before Christmas along with the flowers that had wilted.
After placing all the rubbish in the bin we headed to the church for the christening Moreton Parish. The church dates back to the 18Th century. I was christened here also. The ceremony was lovely. Afterwards we all headed off to the Arrow Park Hotel for the party.
Darcey is a very pretty little girl with her blonde locks. She is a very happy little girl full of smiles Below is a photograph of her she is the spitting image of Aaron when he was her age

We all had a great time party games and songs. A disco and really nice buffet. Billy got on well with all our family and went down a treat. He is a very handsome man dark with gorgeous brown eyes you`d die for. What a hunk.
Aaron played with his cousins James and Ross all three getting up to mischief. Missiles form straws naughty naughty. Even Billy was getting up to mischief. Aaron giggled with delight. Lovely to see Aaron with such a wonderful father figure in his life.

It was a lovely day out over to soon it wasn't long before we were headed back home to beautiful Wales.

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