Thursday, January 1, 2009

Icey Bala December 08 - Frozen Frosty Lake Vyrnwy

Aaron on his bike ride

Overflow Lake Vrnywy Dam
Cool Dude Aaron
The Wier Sculpture Park Lake Vrynwy
Lake Bala

Dam Overflow

The Dam
Lake Vrynwy
Above Aberhirant Valley
We visited Bala with our dog Fred. We drove up over the frost covered Berwyn Mountain Range over the Denbigh Moors seeing icicles on our way. We dog on board and Aaron Bike on back we eventually arrived at Bala.

It was a lovely site part frozen lake along with ice cold fog with the sun peeking through the extremely low cloud. Aaron and Fred our dog enjoyed the walk along the stony beach of the lake and reed icy marsh. Chasing and hiding from each other along the way. Fred decided to take a swim in the frozen icy waters of the lake ?? Silly dumb dog that's our Fred

After leaving we headed to Bala chip shop for a warm and some lunch.

Next we drove along the frosty lanes thought the magnificent Aberhirant Valley part of Lake Vyrnwy Foresty Commission. The views on this back narrow road are fantastic especially with the weather so frosty and icy. We took care whilst driving in our 4 x 4 stopping off along the way to take in the wonderful views.

Upon reaching the top end of the lake we found it partially frozen, along the side of the road were the waterfalls feed the lake icicle particles had formed creating stalactites and stalagmites in ice form. What a view.

The lake itself stretches for miles to cycle round it is near 11 miles. The views of the lake are fantastic a little piece if Canada. Many years ago the village of Llanwddyn stood in the valley were the lake now stands. The village was moved to a higher location so the lake could be formed. The lake is the reservoir for Liverpool. We are told when the lake is low on water the old towns church steeple can be seen peeping from the water.
The reservoir is held by a magnificent dam the controls the water flow into the river Vyrnwy

We stopped for a short while at the dam before heading the the sculpture park originally created by local wood carver Andy Hancock.

Aaron got to cycle his bike around here whilst we waled Fred and looked at the sculpture in the park. From here you also get the views of the dam and the river weir.
It was bitterly cold here after a good bike ride and walk we headed home through the valley to our home which is situated within the Tanant Valley. We are very lucky to live in such a beautiful part of Wales with such wonderful views on our door step. What a wonderful place to live and grow up in.

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