Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our Future Helping Others On The Road To Recovery

Having been through so many different experience`s in life. I have been asked if I will help others on the path to recovery.

After asking for input on hospital experience`s with disabled children I was over whelmed with the response.

I would like to hear from people who have been through traumatic times like Aaron & myself. People who have suffered or are suffering domestic abuse to losing a child. How you felt at the time to what makes you feel better now.

I am in the middle of writing a book about my experiences with life which will be a real good read. I am told it will go to No 1 in the charts when published. I am also doing a re fresher course in journalism.

After being asked by a few organisations including Hope House Hospice. I have put together written articles on different experience both myself and my young son`s have been through. These articles are available via email and post. They are also free of charge although the cost of a stamp for postage would be useful. On request of one of the articles a contact number is required which of course will remain confidential. The articles also have links to different web sites and phone numbers that are useful for the topic that is supplied on request.

The articles tell of different experience`s such as :-
1/ the loss of a baby,
2/ loss over an older child,
3/ loss of a close relative or friend,
4/ loss of a much loved pet,
5/ living with abuse both physical, mental and emotional,
6/ living with adultery,
7/ helping a child over come death,
8/ living with disability,
9/ living with a drink problem and drugs,
10/ life as a single parent,
11/ making new friends
12/ look for a prince not a frog, looking for love well don't let it come to you
13/ how not to repeat history, don't repeat patterns
14/ how to move on
15/ the man who takes up with a young girl, young enough to be his daughter half his age
16/ learn to trust again after living with lies
17/ don't be manipulated
18/ don't be a door matt, forget feeling sorry for them
19/ your worth more than that
20/ your child doesn't deserve this put them first
many others will also be available soon.

After helping Daniel live life to the full for 10 yrs. My mission in life is to help others to learn to live with the traumatic times they have experienced which leaves scars in their memories.
You never get over traumatic things that happened in life you have to learn to live with them.
I have created many links over the years both on this blog and on Daniels web site @@ http://www.danelstrustfund.com/ . Hopefully users of all my web sites will find these useful they range from help lines to days out. There is also a forums on the site many people leave messages on here some also leave links to useful web sites. I am grateful for the links some of which are really good.
I would like to help anyone who needs help and would also like to hear from those who have gone up the road of recovery. Please feel free to send me your story's. Maybe one day I could put together another book on different experience`s of life of others.

One of my story`s is after the end of a chapter in my life. The chapter should have ended years earlier. The only reason it didn't was because after the first time I chucked him out back in 2003 I was a sucker for feeling sorry for the person time and time giving chance after chance. He had a way of manipulating me into feeling that way, with lie after lie. It was only after the behaviour of this man started to affect my child that I came to my senses and ended it for good which was the best decision I have ever made. When asking my child how he felt if he was OK he replied he was a bully which was so true but to hear those words coming from a small child it still came as a shock. A spade will always be a spade.
From a very UN-happy, thin, gaunt looking child came like a Phoenix out of the fire, the boy I have today. A happy healthy child. Full of laughter, confidence and smiles.
Life was like being on a roller coast before I had no confidence it was squeezed out of me over many years. Even after Daniels death the lies and manipulation were still heard but this time not just by myself . It happened in front of the counsellors from Hope House Hospice.
At this point I new it was time to shut the door on the past completely. Shut them out for good and don't look back. Treat them like a death gone for good. This was the best thing I ever did. Life is Plato on the level now with no stress. A spade is a spade no matter how much your try to change them. An old saying and one that should be heeded.
I still hear the odd thing like from a neighbour recently, he was seen driving past our home slowly again on more than one occasion, it makes you wonder way he still feels the need to do this, to be in a place he knows he may see us WHY. Sad really They should move on like we have. He is fully aware that his 10 yr old son cant stand him after this young boy has witnessed so much. Why put a child who does not want to know you through that. Again no consideration for his feeling what so ever. Aaron has been counselled by professionals to deal with problems like this, lets face it wanting to be in the same place as we are is just another way of bullying something we don`t tolerate anymore. They have caused this child enough heartache and damage but still want to cause him more. Sick, like leaving cards on Daniel and Callum`s grave more effort should have been made whilst he were alive, but none ever was, it seems both these boys receive more now there dead. I would not like to live with a conscience that some selfish self centred men have to. This is just one of the my story's of real life.
Our road to recovery is now completed.

Now Aaron and I have a wonderful family life how it should be, with my fantastic
husband -to -be Billy.
We all have a happy future ahead of us with security, trust and lots of love. Who knows what the future holds for us but I no its a happy one from now on with the door firmly shut on our past for good.
any comments or thoughts any useful links etc please either email me @ lesley_powys@talktalk.net or visit Daniel`s web site @ http://www.danielstrustfund.com/ here you can leave your comments and thoughts on the web site forums.The forums have been a good source of information over the last few years.

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