Thursday, January 1, 2009

Afternoon Dog Walk Canal Welshpool Dec 08

On a cold day we visited a local town of Welshpool on the Shropshire / Welsh boarder. After looking around the shops for a short while we headed to the chip shop for lunch. We sat in the car eating our chips before heading for a walk along the canal.

Leaving the car in the nearby car park we crossed the bridge so we could walk along the canal tow path. First we headed south towards Powis Castle this takes you past the the Powys Land Museum and the lock gates. We then turned around to head north along the path.

Walking north along the path takes you into open countryside a very relaxing walk that leaves you to linger in thought.
With Fred our dog on a tight lead due to the wild life. Being an ex neglected gun dog he is partial to duck and swans not in a nice way. We headed along the path chatting along the way. Aaron and Gaynor enjoying the fresh air in there lungs.

On our travels we came across some wildlife including swans with there beauty and elegance. We also came across many variety of ducks from mallards to very unusual kinds.
We came across a group of ebony black ducks quite big in size and very beautiful.
It was an enjoyable walk a bit cold though. Below are some links to sites of interests related to this blog.

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