Sunday, January 18, 2009

Women to Women Chill At Home Coffee Break Time

Sometimes it just great to chill at home. We live in a beautiful part of Wales Tanat Valley. Very relaxed place surrounded by the green hills and mountains of Wales, with streams and wild country rivers. A mass of wildlife from the country fox, woolly sheep to the house sparrow and harris hawk. Many People often drive into the lovely countryside for there Sunday days out we just have to open the curtains of a morning to see the wonderful views.

We bought a box set CD recently Women to Women a 3 box set with songs from women artists.

Aaron especially enjoys one of the CD`s in particular. Doing the house work and sitting chilling with a cup of coffee we listen to the music.

Some of our favourite songs our Gloria Gaynor I Will Survive. This is a very powerful Ballard and we love singing along to it Aaron has also made up his own words to sing along to this song. We also like The Only Way Is Up by Yazz.

Life has certainly got much better for us now. The door has been closed on certain parts of the past which was the best thing we ever did. The door will always remain closed now as we now what it is like to remove rubbish form our lives. I wish we had done it a lot sooner. Life used to be a roller coaster of ups and downs with many downs but now it is Plato.

The only thing we feel sad about is losing our precious Daniel that will remain foremost in our thoughts for life. Also losing baby Callum. Both deaths could have been avoided which makes it even more tragic.

Anyway there is nothing more powerful than music to bring back memories both good and bad. Music also lifts your mood making you feel much happier. Aaron and I love to dance and sing along to the songs we listen to. Aaron is a fab dancer and singer we also have a Karaoke machine and love to sing along to Abba songs. Billy thinks were mad although he is a brilliant dancer especially when it comes to jiving and the twist.

Aaron wants Billy and I to get married and so do all my friends and family. You will have to wait and see. Least with this wonderful man I cant go wrong. A Man in a Million.

One of the songs we sing too is very right after losing Daniel we hit an all time low, rock bottom and yes you guessed THE ONLY WAY IS UP. Daniel would want that for us.

For women I have set up a links on this blog for women. For Women Coffee Break time links just for us girls. The links can be found on the right of you under the above category

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