Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Scouts Aarons Invested Jan 09

Billy & I were so proud of Aaron this week looking very smart in his new scout uniform. He was invested by the scouts. He was brought forward by the scout leader and his own troop leader.
He said his scout promise without fault whilst holding the scout flag and saluting the leader.

Scout Promise
On My Honour, I promise that I will do y best
To do my duty to God and to the Queen
To help other people
And to keep the Scout Law

along with the scout law.
1. A Scout s to be trusted.
2. A Scout is loyal.
3. A Scout is friendly and considerate.
4. A Scout belongs to the worldwide family of Scouts.
5. A Scout has courage in all difficlties.
6. A Scout makes good use of time and is careful of possessions and propety.
7. A Scout has self-respect and respect for others.

He was then given his official troop neckchief scarf and troop badgers for his uniform.

When I was his age I was a brownie guide myself and a member of the woodcraft folk. Scouts like the brownies ect are great groups for young children to join. Aaron will now be able to do a range of activites connected with his scout group and with this will learn many life skills.

Aaron has turned into a lovely young man and a very happy child now with a fun filled social life.

Here is a link to the official scout web site -
One for the girls Brownie Guides -

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