Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ty Mawr / Ponderosa / Trevor Basin

It was a lovley warm sunny day off we went in our VW camper van with our dog Fred and Aaron`s Nana Dotty. We headed to Ty Mawr country park first to give Fred a run and Aaron a bike ride.

We strolled around the park looking at the animals & taking in the views. Aaron & fred running free in the distance both enjoying the sunshine. The park runs along the River Dee, it wasnt long before Fred came back dripping wet. Here is a link for info on Ty Mawr Park.

The park also has a BMX track. Here Aaron enjoys jumping over the ramps with his bike.

After the park we drove to the Horse Shoe Pass up the the Ponderosa Cafe were we had lunch. Being a warn sunny day there were plenty of motorbikes up there to look at Here is a link about the cafe and Horse Shoe Pass. It is a popular place for bikers to meet.

After lunch were headed to Trevor Basin / Viaduct. There is a lovely walk along the canal but its not for the faint hearted as when you cross the viaduct there is a huge drop looking down towards the river. Narrow boats cross the viaduct it is an amazing piece of construction work built by Thomas Telford http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Telford. Below is another link about Trevor Basin.

It was a lovely day out we all enjoyed it including Fred our dog.

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