Monday, September 29, 2008

Nyssiros Volcano Crater Greece

It`s not every day you get the chance to stand on a live volcano crater. We travelled from Kardamena via boat across the ocean to a very pretty Island called Nyssiros The boat journey was great on an open topped boat across the open blue sea under the rays of the summer sun. My only fear was my 10 year old son Aaron was driving the boat under the close watch of the Skipper and navigator. He drove the boat most of the way and I must admit did a fantastic job.

Reaching the Island we boarded a coach which then took us to the volcano crater. The views on the way were superb. Huge mountain drops and of the sea. The Island of Nyssiros is very pretty.

At the Volcano. This was a magnificent experience for all of us. It stunk of sulphur like bad eggs. The crater was huge. We walked down into it. The smell getting stronger as we went down. What an experience standing on a live volcano with the ashes smouldering away underneath. The active parts of the volcano could be clearly seen below via holes on the crater floor. Steam rose from the holes and some parts of the Crater ha bubbling ash of grey and green We took lots of photo`s and collected volcanic rock. Aaron later did a project on this trip to show his friend at school, they all were impressed. Before leaving Nyssiros we had the pleasure looking around the town. Pretty coves and things for sale lining the small narrow streets. We then headed back to the boat heading back to Kos. Here are some links to Island information and some photo`s.

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