Saturday, June 5, 2010

William Shakespeare

Stratford Upon Avon is a very beautiful place. It is the birth place of William Shakespeare.

Aaron and I visited three of the houses plus the place were Shakespeare is laid to rest

The house above is Shakespeare`s Birthplace. The tour of this house starts with an exhibition into the fascinating world of his life. After walking through the exhibition you enter the enchanting garden were the house where Shakespeare was born stands.

Above is the Nash House and New Place. Here again you can explore the world of Shakespeare. You can also visit the Elizabethan Knot Garden.
Walking through you come across the live archaeological dig. Aaron was also given tasks to do at this property drawing a house to fit in with the period of time.

This house below is the home of Dr John Hall, he was married to Susanna the daughter of William Shakespeare. The house is very large and was used for the doctor to diagnose is patience. Inside it houses a museum of different types of instruments used to to aid operating.
This was an extremely interesting house and our favourite.
We learnt about how herbs and other things were used in medicine.
We also walked through the spacious tranquil relaxing garden.

Below is the church were Willaim Shakespeare and his family are buried. The place within the church were they are buried is called the Chancel. William Shakespheare is buried along side his wife Anne and other member`s of his family.
The church is called Holy Trinity Church. The church stands next to the River Avon.
We visited different parts of the church.
Aaron and I lite a candle in memory of Daniel and Callum.

Today was a fascinating day full of lots of history.

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