Monday, September 29, 2008

Bodrum Turkey Sept 08

We boarded the hydrofoil from Kos and headed to Bodrum Turkey. The hydrofoil shot across the sea at great speed. Here is a link on some info about hydrofoil`s. for those of you with an interest on this type of boat.
It wasn't long before we reached Turkey. Bodrum was very beautiful, the harbour was filled with millions of pounds worth of boats. Here is a link about Bodrum..
We strolled around the city the streets were lined with market style shops and open air restaurants. It was very very hot here. We looked at the stalls of home made crafts there were so many bargains. Billy spoiling Aaron again buying him more games for his DS game console plus he got a light blue Liverpool top.
We sat and drank the local tipple of apple tea, the Turks were very pleasant and took a liking to Aaron and myself due to us both being blond. They simply adored Aaron.
We walked along the harbour front, Aaron played on the playground before we visited Bodrum Medieval Castle and under water museum. It was a magnificent castle with plenty to see. Links below for those of you whom wish to take a look. Also here are a selection of photos of Bodrum and the castle.

Bodrum was a beautiful place and well worth the visit even though it was to hot.

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