Friday, September 19, 2008



How time flies. Aaron is now 10 years old. During his short years Aaron has experienced so many things both good and bad. Some of which most adults wont have experienced. He has come through with flying colours and is turning into a very clever, charming and handsome young man.

He witnessed his precious brother slip away over last Christmas 2007, whilst most of the people through out the world were opening there presents with smiling faces.
As the celebrations for the new year began Daniel, Aaron's big brother and best friend sadly slipped away leaving Aaron and those who loved Daniel dearly devastated at his death. Aaron stayed with Daniel till the end determined not to leave his side.
Daniel was 10 years old, the same age as Aaron is now. This birthday, being this age is hard for Aaron.
Despite him having a hard 10 yrs some of which could have been avoided. Aaron has overcome the heartache of his past and shone through. He know es he has people around him he can trust and talk to, that don't let him down.
Aaron has also endured many good things and has experienced many exciting experiences inc a visit to Lapland, Disney Land also many place and experience`s that has enhanced his life and mind and made him the 10yr old boy he is today. A boy that I am so proud of.

Aaron is a very clever special boy with a mind of his own and he expresses himself as such. Aaron is 10 yrs old and will go far in this world with the knowledge and experience`s he has been exposed to during his short life.
He had a lovely birthday with lots of presents and cards from his friends and family. He had a special gift and big surprise thanks to Billy. xxxx

Billy adores Aaron and makes a fantastic step dad and role model for him. Look out for the next blogs to see were we went and what we did FANTASTIC

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