Tuesday, September 2, 2008

This Is Anfield Summer 2008

Today we visited Anfield, the home of Liverpool Football Club. We had a fantastic day Aaron really enjoyed it Liverpool being his favourite team. Aaron favourite player is Steve Gerrard. He plays at number 8.

During the 70`s & 80`s like Aaron I followed Liverpool my favourite player was Sammy Lee he also played at number 8 and today is assistant manager at the club. Here is a link to LFC web site http://www.liverpoolfc.tv/.

We went to the Liverpool museum which will be part of our next blog entry. We also were shown all around the ground. We went in the changing rooms were Aaron sat next to Steve Gerrard's Top plus the other players. Here we were told some funny story's on how Liverpool FC try to put there rivals off. Another photo is taken at the top of the tunnel here is were the players stand before entering the football pitch & were the famous THIS IS ANFIELD sign is displayed to scare off the opposition.
We were then taken through the tunnel out into the stadium itself. Aaron sat on Rafael Benitez seat were he watches the matches from. Then we walked and sat were the famous Spion Kop was and now is called the KOP. we learnt about the history of the kop here are some interesting links about the famous Anfield Kop
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjnXzdvc1R8&feature=related this link via you tube shows the last day of the Kop how it was originally was.
Above are some of the photos of Aaron's day out we walked around the ground to all the different parts Aaron had a great day out here. His information blog is next

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