Saturday, December 28, 2013

Wind Does Blow

My god and did the wind blow. Its the middle of the night. Wide awake and prowling. The noise of the wind as it whistles around the outside of the house is frightening. The usual thing I am worrying what damage will lie ahead as the dusk breaks into dawn. The rain battered against the windows. There was no way I could sleep with this going on. Armed with the dog and a torch we trotted off outside to check on the chickens. The car port was lifting and rattling in the wind. How the devil the plastic corrugated sheeting was staying on was beyond me. The chicken shed was still in the same place It had been lashed down by Aaron and Simon with posts and rope. I was worrying about my poor babies being outside my 12 chucks and 2 cockerels all tucked up amongst the hay. I expected Mr Jingle to be in bed checking the stable roof I did not want to disturb him. He would be fine. I decided to put the kettle on as it got to a reasonable hour after 6am. Making all the others in the house a cuppa. Most where sound asleep. I checked the top floor for any tile of water coming through nothing the valley end of the house was being hammered. A the top of the house which is in the gods by hek the wind did sound quite scary. Hail battered the window sounding like it was about to crack the glass. All was fine so pottered off back down the stairs to find my cuppa. Before settling down did one last check with the torch outside checking the rest of the buildings before waiting for the light of the day to come. I also took Nana a cuppa upon leaving the room as she was up on the loo as usual there was a huge flash that lit the room and and almighty bang. Bloody Hell armed with the torch all that went through my head was  the animals outside I went again bang flash another. My god where we being invaded by aliens Id seen war of the worlds. Then I heard a voice squawking at me  `get bloody inside you fool`. It was my 84 yr old mum at the door. It was thundering and lightening no aliens as I thought. Not sure what I would of done if it was only armed with a dog and a torch. I got a bit of a dressing down how dangerous it was being out there with such harsh weather avowed. I settled down for my cuppa. As it got light the weather was still pounding the house from all angels. If it carried on 12 chickens 2 cockerels and a pony would be coming in the house. As the light came I went outside to let the chucks out taking Mr Jingles breakfast. I popped my head around the stable door he was not there. The bloody fool was standing out in it. I scanned the field no sign of him looking over to the veranda still no sign. I stated to panic. The gates were shut padlocked all the fences were still up were the hell was he. After a short time flapping I spotted him under the hedge with him being the same colour he was hard to see. Dear me I don`t half worry. Meanwhile the chucks were waiting for there fodder a bit reluctant to enter the outside world cant say I blamed them. 
The day was one of the worst for weather I have seen. We went though every weather there could be rain, sleet, snow, wind, sun, and hail. The ground was waterlogged. Ebay had been busy so we headed up to do my posting. The roads were terrible water everywhere. In front of the Green Inn the little stream that runs very quaintly in front of this country pub was running a torrent flooding the main road. I was glad to get home nearly needed a canoe. Thankfully the storm passed during the evening. Time to chill.   

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