Monday, December 30, 2013

Ponies In Winter

I think this picture is lovely so picturesque. To little fluffy ponies that both remind me of old friends infact all these little animals remind me of creature from my childhood. The ponies one is similar to my old pony Pepi, he was a Dales black as night full of mischief. The other reminds me of my cousins pony Brandy. The dogs the beagle Kelly a little dog I used to walk as a child for an old lady and the collie a friend of mine had two this colour and another friend still has one. The pussy cat is similar to the one that lived next door Chee Chee. 
Its a magical scene of perfection in the snow a sweet robin red breast sits on the fence post tweeting softly watching the other animals closely. I would love to know who the artist was who did this  adorable picture. 

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