Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Monsta Ball @ The Hand

Saturday night was fab we headed up to Llanraeadr to watch the band Monsta Ball. These guys are really good I have seen them play before. 
Meeting up with friends Bekii, Toby, Angi, and Jenny we all had a lovely time dancing the night away to songs from Bon Jovi, KC the sunshine band & not forgetting some popular Christmas songs. I met up with some old friends from Llansilin, also Andy Lorna Joe and Matty. Andy has been a star over the last few months, its good to be back in touch. As for Matty he had a wail of a time dancing to the tunes the band played. 
The night went so very quickly. As they say time flies when you are enjoying yourself.
As for the band excellent highly recommended. 


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