Sunday, December 1, 2013

Mandy & Tony`s Wedding 17th November 2013

This was a day to remember as we travelled down to the Wirral to watch my childhood friend Mandy marry the man of her dreams `Tony`. Many looked stunning in her beaded gown. The wedding was in the Floral Pravillion on the shore line in New Brighton. As the sun began to set the lights from Liverpool shone across the Mersey offering a back drop of twinkling lights dancing in the moonlight.
As a child growing up next to the river I have such fond memories of the lights I loved to go and sit on the shore line at dusk and just look across the river at those very lights.
The Floral Pravillion also also has fond memories of my childhood. I remember the Mandy pantomime`s Mandy and I went to see there also winning my very own Smurf cuddly toy with the ticket number 4. I still have the Smurf to this day. It must be in the region of 4 yrs old. Mandy held her wedding at the Floral for a special reason also. A little old man used to work there many years ago who was such a character he was called Granddad. I can still picture Mandy`s granddad to this day in my mind. He was Mandy`s real granddad but I called him Granddad to.
The wedding was truly lovely I was so happy to see my oldest friend get married. It was also really nice to catch up with so many familiar faces form my past many of them I had not seen since moving away around 24 years ago. It was lovely to see my other mum and dad ( Mandy`s Mum & Dad ) also Mandy`s sister Elaine. Quite a few of my old school friends were also their whom I recognised straight away.
Tony who Mandy married is a lovely bloke who both Aaron and I are really fond of. It was a joy to be a part of their big day.
Aaron looked so smart in his suit, he looked so grown up making me very proud of him. He adores Mandy and Tony. Anyway I would like to wish Mandy & Tony a very happy marriage and a bright and prosperous  future. XXXX

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