Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Daniel, Its Been 6 Years

It does not seem like 6 yrs ago my little boys heart stopped beating. We watched as he slipped away  and closed his eyes forever. 
Not a day goes by that I don't think of you New Years Eve and all the reminders take its toll throughout the day. I can be so bad tempered on a day like this, on a very short fuse, as I fight to keep the tears away. 
I find myself watching the clock and remembering your final hours of life on this earth. You died at 6pm New Years Eve 2007 age 10 years old. 
I new in my heart you had had enough we had to let you go. You went so peaceful despite my fear of what might have happened. Aaron, Myself, Nana and the girls from Hope House Hospice were present at Alder Hey Liverpool as you drifted into another place. 
Its is also my dads birthday today maybe your partying with the Angels looking down and thinking Mother you silly old moo.
Daniel I miss you every day of my life I always will. I live with the comfort that you are out of pain. No more suffering and you are at peace. I believe your in a better place somewhere over the rainbow although you visit in spirit sometimes we feel you we hear you and your smell is very present. God Bless my little Daniel look after your big brother Callum. Till we meet again my boys love always xxxx

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