Saturday, December 28, 2013

Boxing Day Memories

Today we find ourselves heading to Shrewsbury as a family of 4. Nana wrapped up warm were off to see her old pal Simon`s mum & Aaron's step granny Nana Buckley.
Its been a frosty start cold but the sun has finally managed to push through the low laying cloud  to start a glorious morning.
The chickens are pecking at their corn they have already layed 3 eggs.
Mr Jingles is happy munching his hay all tucked up warm in his stable he takes a little time out from hay munching to investigate what I have put in his bucket, a carrot apple and slice of bread. He looks up at his cherry lick has a nibble. ( that was his Christmas present yesterday ) we have a contented little pony.
Meanwhile before leaving for Shrewsbury I get some work done Ebay screaming at me to get courier and postage labels done for tomorrow. The washing machine pings to tell me its done so we brave the frosted elements and venture out to hang it on the car port washing line. ( The beauty of out house the washing lines undercover so rain doesn't stop play bring it on I say ! )
Reg the dog has his ball so exercise time for him as he bounces around what a good catch. A plate of biccies awaits him on his return to the warm. The cat, parrot and fish r fed. The twiggies have a spray of water. So off we go to were the story began.
The roads to Shrewsbury are a little icy with the car flashing minus 2 brrrr rather chilly.
Soon the weather warmed up. We dropped Nana off at the home where Nannie Buckley is staying. For s short while the home gained another inmate as me Simon and Aaron headed into town for a few hours. Bargain hunt under way and didn't we find some bargains  next I love you nice new onesie for me along with some winter warmers. The boy's managed to get some goodies too although Aaron and I had visited  ten different shops whilst Simon was still in HMV. Thrilled with our goodies we headed back to the car and back to the two nannies.
Shrewsbury is a lovely town seemingly a lot like Chester but bit smaller. The town is medieval with a ghostly feel.
Back at the home we settled down to a little boxing day brunch with the other inmates oops sorry residents.  It was really nice big thank you to the staff for inviting us.
The day went fairly quickly as the darkness of the evening crept in.
Popping in to see Aunt Em`s before heading home to feed the animals and settling down to home made chicken curry watching boxing day TV. A good chilled out day had by all.

Just glad of the happy memories of today. Life has not been easy.

In contrast to previous years if deeply offended do not read on my boxing day sadness of 6 yrs ago haunts me to this day and will do for the rest of my earthly life. Below Daniel`s boxing day story 

Daniel lay in his bed in ICU at Alder Hey Children's Hospital Liverpool.  Hooked up to life support unable to breath unaided. He could take 7 breaths off the ventilator on his own not enough to sustain life. His life was hanging in the balance. I longed for good news but it never came. The doctors had managed to retrieve his liver to stop him bleeding out. He was hooked to dialysis without anesthetic to see if they could gain response from his lifeless body. At one point the line into his leg bled so much he was having blood transfusion after another. Eventually a skilled surgeon managed to stitch it up.
The shear horror I felt seeing my little boy so helpless needles lines everywhere I could do nothing to help him except suction all the gunk away. It was my biggest ever nightmare a place I never wanted to be. My Daniel was the life and soul of the party a child so full of life and determination.  I cried that many tears felt such sadness. Dan had so much to live for. Sometimes it felt like I wasn't there a dream of the most horrific proportion possible. 
Aaron was with me by now we were given a room at Ronald McDonald House. Please support McDonald's with this charity effort I really do not now what I would have done without them. We also had a direct phone line to ICU from our room.
I was in a daze lack of sleep exhaustion prevailed the nurses ordered me to rest. 
Hope house hospice were also fantastic along with my family aids. The came to and from the hospital took Aaron out to cinema just to take his mind off things. Aaron was 9 yrs old at the time
It was late boxing day night when we retired to the room. Both of us fell fast asleep.
It was 3 am I woke with a start the room felt strange. I felt the feeling of peace. Daniel was in the room. I could feel him his presence I could feel his aroma in the room surroundings the bed. It was 3am I new something was wrong.  
I grabbed the phone a nurse answered she said they were loosing him again she would phone me back.
Stuff that ! dragging Aaron out of bed  we headed straight to Daniel. His heart was fading the drugs were being upped to help maintain the heart beat. 
Aaron curled up on the chair I held Daniel's hand willing him to live. He was squeezing my hand. The nurse said he can't to that he was she felt it too.
I believe now at 3am on the 27th of December Daniel actually died him coming to the room squeezing of my hand it was his way of saying goodbye.  I hold comfort in that.
The days that followed Daniel never responded again he deteriorated by the day.

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