Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tale Of The Buzzard

This little cheeky chap has been hovering around our home for quite some time now. He is a young buzzard we have christened him Charlie even though were not sure if he is a boy or a girl ?
He sits on the fence posts or comes down into the field to ferret about.
Still not 100% sure he or she is not eyeing my chickens up ?
Well it is in the field the story starts.
Most of us have a Nanie ( Nian as it is in Welsh ) in our lives and most of them love to feed wild birds. Our Nana tends to go through sack loads of bird seed leaving us unsure what else she is feeding. Is it just the birds?
Well our tale starts as Nana is watching the beautiful sight  of the bird of pray the buzzard  Charlie. She was fascinated at what he was up to up the field messing on the ground his huge talons pacing up and down as he danced on the spot. Nana was enjoying watching him along with the other smaller birds swooping down nibbling on the bird feeder.
In a matter of interest both Simon and I strolled up the field as this magnificent bird was defiantly up to no good. As we approached he flew up onto the post watching us with interest. To our horror on the field floor was a few bones small carcasses of smaller fellow flying creatures. 
OH DEAR  who was going to tell Nana?
There she was happily feeding the mass of small garden birds everyday which came to visit in flocks. We worked out what this naughty bird of pray was up to. He was sitting on the fence watching this old lady fill her bird feeders. He then had an easy lunch as the starlings flew in he swooped down snatched one and devoured it at the top of the field. 
Nana was not happy when we told her what her lovely new friend Charlie was up to she asked Aaron for his gun! Meanwhile Simon and I took a fit of laughing at her having a freak out at the bird she threatened to tan his birdie bottom a sight I would like to see. 
I am now glad to say that the mass amount of bird seed has now decreased the little birds are now fed with the chickens if he swoops in the chicken pen I would not fancy his chance against Buster our cockerel.
Next summer once our little fairy garden where the chickens live is landscaped Nana will be able to sit in peace and watch her little birdies come down to feed in safety surrounded by our chucks. 

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