Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Swallows Have Landed

For as many years as I can remember we have been visited by a couple of beautiful little swallow birds.
Each spring they start to fix up their little nest with twigs fur and anything else they can get their little beaks on.
They nest right next to the kitchen door under the carport. During the winter months these little treasures vacate our climate for a warmer choice. They travel thousands of miles each year there and back.
This year like the last few they have layed their eggs and raised their babies. They feed love them then bring them out of the nest 1 by 1 to teach them to fly.
Eventually there is a line of usually 3 - 4 - 5 of them perched under the carport on the washing line. Each taking a turn on learning to fly. Its wonderful to see. Making where we live so very special.
This spring mother and sometimes father swallow whom of which can be a bit short tempered at times with any human heads that may pass by, have raised 3 baby swallows. This was mother swallows first set of chicks.
We are now on the second set of chicks. This week with endured excitement we have had the pleasure to see 4 or maybe 5 little heads popping over the side of the nest. Mother and father swallow are extremely busy at this time back and too feeding and caring for there hungry brood.
It's about now we have to learn to duck as when you go outside to put washing on the line or even doing daily tasks upon the drive you get swooped upon. She squeaks alot as she tells you off for being in her territory near her precious babies. I keep having to remind this little black and white bird with a hint of blue and a forked tail, that this happens to be my house not hers. But weather or not this little treasure has been coming here longer than I have owned this house has to be contemplated. Maybe she has been coming here over 16 years you never no. There has not been a year that has gone by that I can remember this family of birds paying us a visit.

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