Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer Stroll & Bug Hunt

Well what beautiful weather we are having so what a day to go on a bug hunt armed with a friend Helen and the dog off we trotted over hill valley and vale we wandered. We came across some wonderful bugs with some wonderful colours. Many were far to fast for the camera on my phone. We found many a bug on our travels. Beautiful butterflies, colourful dragonflies, pretty pink and black bugs. These bugs I had never seen before. We also saw these tiny orange beetles these two were having a spot of happy time. Not for young eyes and ears but it brought a smile to our face not very often you see the bonking bugs. It was really hot but we still had a nice time Mr Reggie was extremely hot, he found a shady bush to lay under for some time. There is nothing like a good walk any time of the year one of my favourite activities.

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