Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Book Of Life

I have always said life is like a book. Many of us have  chapters in our lives we either love or hate. Many just can not wait to close a chapter in our lives that is so very painful to remember. Looking at life you should try to see it as an open book if you can. As one chapter in your life closes another will open. Today I went through the story of Daniel`s death with one of my mum`s social worker`s bringing her to tears and myself. That is a chapter of my life that has ended and remembering is so very painful. Today we live life to the full after all life is for living never close an open book always leave it open as you never no what the next chapter will bring it may be happy it may be sad. The sad chapters will never be forgotten they can leave many scars but when you find yourself living a happy chapter of your open book of life embrace it with all your heart and enjoy the good things life can bring.

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