Saturday, October 13, 2012

Blackpool Tower Dungeon

The Blackpool Dungeon`s is a fairly new attraction to come to Blackpool. It is a very similar experience to the other Dungeon`s that the Merlin Group own Warwick, Edinburgh, London plus a few others dotted about the country. 
The tour started with an introduction from a witch. The room of the monks the group learned about the plague. We also told we may not get out of these Dungeons in one piece..........   By now a few of the group were cracking. It was scare factor 9 out of 10 on the rector scale. A group of young girls clung on to each other and me.

Moving on we entered the room were sadly the doctor had just passed from the plague.  The doctors mad assistant decided to check his bits by chopping him up and pulling the bits out. One poor bloke was picked out from our group to be hit on the head with a  mallet and his bits were then to be pulled out to check for the plague. He was a good sport.
The torture chamber was the next stop, this was very interesting as always. A young girl was placed in the torturers cage whilst another was sat in the chair of torture.
We then learnt about the equipment used in medieval torture. From tongue tears to hooking the victim up and the best one.
The best one was certainly not for the ladies as the male victim took place in the torture chamber it quickly became apparent what these were used for. CHOP  CHOP CHOP.  Fantastic piece of equipment that would be handy and of great use to help stop many a bloke in his tracks. I can think of quite a few worthy of meeting the choppers.

Moving on we entered the chamber of magic mirrors carefully wandering through trying to find our way. A Saxon warrior jumped out of the misty walk ways to warn us of impending danger that lay ahead. Were we to meet our maker. No quit yet ! He warned us that the Vikings had landed and were marching across central Northern England coast to coast  straight through Yorkshire and Lancashire. They raped, pillaged and killed anyone that stood in their way.  We were soon out of there.
Next stop we learned about the pirates who raided the shores of the Lancashire coast. A scary tale was told then it went pitch black as the prince of all pirates entered the room prodding and poking us in the back with wind blowing at our heels a interactive experience.

Moving on we entered the creepy Pendle wood. Here the witches tried to scare the hell out of us with tales of witchcraft and the history of the Pendle Witches. Around us the witches had been accused and hung in the trees. The next stop was for the brave a fair ground ride. The hanging ride off course Simon was unable to go on this ride so we entered the gift shop and listened to the screams of the poor devils about to be hanged.
This concludes the end of our tour of the Blackpool Dungeons we hope you have enjoyed our spooky tour !

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