Sunday, October 21, 2012

Walking In The Autumn Sunshine

It has been a glorious autumn day with wall to wall sunshine for most of the afternoon. After a murky start of freezing fog the day broke and the fog cleared. 
We were minding the two little ones today my godchildren. With it being such a lovely afternoon off we trotted along with the two dogs for a circular walk in our village boundaries. Heading down the lanes up tracks and across fields. High above the village you could look down with a birds eye view. Our home in the distance standing out as it always does. Heading back the new ponies to the village came over to say hello. 
I met these ponies a few days ago along with there owner who has recently moved into the village. She introduced me each and everyone. They were ever so friendly and three of them are aged. 
Our dogs had a really good time Reg was in his element whilst Fred did the walk without much effort which surprised me due to his age of 14 years.  
Dog walking me relaxing in fact so is walking in general. Walking clears the mind. After recently diagnosed with an illness walking has now become more important to me than ever. 

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