Saturday, October 20, 2012

Prowl : The Hunt Is On

Prowl  :  The Hunt Is On 

An after dark movie   :   Not only is this film part 2011’s After Dark Horrorfest, it’s one of the first films produced by their new After Dark Films production house

At first glance, the plot of “Prowl” sounds pretty generic. The film opens with a flashback. We find our protagonist, a young girl named Suzy, running through the woods being chased by some blood-thirsty vampires. Just as one of these creatures catches up to her and takes Suzy to the ground, she awakes and we find that it’s all a dream. We learn that Suzy is living with her mother after her father has passed away and is working as a butcher at a grocery store while saving money to move to the big city.  
Suzy finally hears back from a landlord at an apartment she has her eyes on and gets the news she’s been waiting to hear, there’s a vacancy. 
Suzy gathers up all of her friends for a quick road-trip to Chicago to pay the rent. Naturally, their van breaks down and a passing trucker offers them a ride, with the catch that they’ll have to ride in the trailer.
They are taken somewhere remote then have to fight for survival. Then there is a slight twist. 

A fairly scarey movie  not for the faint hearted ;-D    A good film appropriate for this time of year.

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