Sunday, October 30, 2011

Zoo Bioparc Fuengirola

One Of The finest zoo`s has been created nr Fuengirola Spain The Bioparc is involved in over 35 EEp breeding programmes for species in danger of extinction. The parc also supports conservation projects in Africa .
The Bioparc ( zoo ) was beautiful. The animals enclosures were set out a close to the animals natural environment as possible. We wandered around this lovely place which is sure a credit to Spain. Firstly finding the pink Flamingo's pictured below.

Next stop was the Nile Crocodiles, these magnificent creatures has a fabulous enclosure. We managed to get some wonderful pictures and got up close and personal to them.

There were also a wide range of other animal and birds. These included Leopards, river hogs, meerkats, porcupines, giant snails, deer, cranes, white tigers, tapir, otters parrots and many other unusual creatures.

These two little things I fell for totally. These are Pigmy Hippos. We were lucky enough to come at a time when there was a baby. I got some fantastic photographs of the proud mum with her off spring.

Moving through the parc there was a wide range of monkeys to look at. These included Gorillas, Chimpanzees, golden cheeked gibbons, orangutan's lemurs and colobos and talapoins.

Also at the parc were a wide range of fish and insects all again in beautiful enclousers. There was also a selection of reptiles and tropical birds. We had a lovely day visiting this lovely zoo and meeting all the animals. Hope you enjoy the photo`s.

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