Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fuengirola Costa Del Sol Spain

Fuengirola was a short brisk walk along the beach and the promenade from our holiday complex. We strolled up there a few times during our stay. Fuengirola was a fairly busy place and very interesting. Behind all the large building and in between some of the smaller buildings stood in the distance the rolling mountains of Spain.
There were many shops to explore along the streets and markets, there were also many hawkers ( street traders ).
One of our visits we watched in the distance as a storm came in over the town from the mountains heading out to sea. There were many colours of rainbows and spectrum's as the rain hit the beams of the sun.
As the grumps ( Simon and Aaron ) got hungry we managed to find a good old fashioned fish and chip shop. PS There called the grumps as they enjoy spoiling my photo`s pulling faces. Told them both one day they will end up sticking in that position LOL.
We had a really nice time exploring Fuengirola which was just the start of a wonderful holiday for all of us.

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