Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Moonlight Walk ... To Raise Money For Cancer

Recently Aaron & I went on a Moonlit walk to raise money for cancer. We set off from Llanfyllin High School as darkness fell 8pm and walked by the light of the moon and torch light.
The walk covered 6 miles along the lanes and through farm land to the village of Lanfechain.
There were swards and check points along the way.
Part of the walk saw Aaron and I alone walking the lanes which was quite an experience in the pitch black.
It was a lovely night and listening to the sounds of darkness, and watching for the nocturnal animals that come alive at night was well worth the experience. Hooting of the owls could be heard all around us.
Must admit the hills took there toll on my tired old knee, I didn't give up but was in a lot of pain towards the end as well as the next day. Determination kept me going and I was pleased to have completed the walk.
Back at High School we had a late supper coffee and tea. We also raised over £45 for the cause ourselves.

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