Sunday, July 24, 2011

Introducing Mr Jiminey Jingle - Walk in the Valley

Mr Jiminey Jingle`s is our registered miniature stallion pony. He is full of character and loves to be the centre of attention. I have had Mr Jingle`s for 13 yrs. He is now the grand age of 18 yrs old. Being a stallion his neck his huge and its hard to keep a head collar on him. Thanks to a friend who breeds welsh cobs it was such a simple idea that now keeps the collar on his head. Before going for his walks we now plate his mane of the collar in a couple of places this works a treat.
I don't have to chase him around trying to catch him although he is a lovely little pony who nips from time to time.
Mr Jingles is often seen going for walks with the dogs around our village.
Sadly Mr Jingles is another of my rescued animals. He is fairly unusual as he has club feet to the rear. He was going to be put down so we took him on. He now lives happily at home with us he has two little paddocks and a stable behind our house. He is part of the family often climbing up the decking and waiting for his breakfast of a morning at the french windows behind the house. He also makes a excellent lawn mower cant remember the last time i mowed the front garden ?. Over the years Mr jingles has learnt to open doors. on a number of occasions I have found him in the bathroom or routing in the cupboards in the kitchen. He has also pinched the blouse off my mums back before today leaving her chasing him around the field trying to retrieve it, not a sight for the faint hearted.
Anyway hope you enjoy the photo`s of this special little pony.

Below are some of our other animals Fred the Cocker Spaniel, Reg the henz 57 and Jake the parrot. And sorry Aaron and his Nana below.

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