Monday, July 25, 2011

Chirk Castle & The Wild Ponies

Chirk castle was built during the reign of Edward 1, today myself, Simon, Aaron, Helen & my beautiful god children Abby & Conner explored the medieval fortress and surrounding grounds. We were also joined by our dog`s Fred & Reggie.
Armed with a Trekka pack we headed off firstly on the hunting ground walk. This walk is amass with nature and animals. The trekka pack offers the children the chance to learn about nature. Flowers, trees, animals, birds and there is even a bug hunt. Measuring the ancient tree`s to find out there age looking for signs of life and learning about wild flowers. It certainly keeps the children entertained Aaron helped both the children learn form the pack.

Even Simon joined in .

Today we were lucky enough to find the wild bore which have been introduced back onto the estate. Also the welsh wild ponies now roam the grounds free. The ponies were beautiful we were very lucky to get close to them.

Half way around we settled down for a picnic. It was a lovely sunny day. We all had a lovely time.

After our lovely walk of approx 3 miles we headed to the castle. The castle was used by the Myddelton family for 400 years. It is immaculately set out. So thrilled now that the national trust has relaxed the photographic rules. This allows us to show you these beautiful buildings to full glory.Below are some of the photo`s I took on our journey round. Some have spooky outlines ?? See if you can see anything if so let me no !!!!

There is plenty to do at this castle and it has to be said it is one of my favourites. From exploring the grounds, castle, dungeons, immaculate gardens, to the quant coffee shop were you can retire for a relaxing coffee. Chirk Castel also offers an adventure playground for the children den building and play tractor area. There is also an outside cafe for us parents to chill whilst the kids play. Before leaving though the 2nd hand book shop is a must along with the National Trust shop itself.

For more on the castle please use link - clicking Chirk Castel on the site.

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