Saturday, June 13, 2009

Scouts Summer Barbecue June O9

A beautiful summer evening took us to the annual barbecue at the Wynnstay Hotel in Llanrhaeadr surrounded by the beautiful Tanant Valley views.
Here is a link to the hotel web site
This evening the annual area scout barbecue was being held.
We sat in the beer garden along with the other mums and dads who`s children go to the area scout troop.
Aaron really enjoys the scouts and has earned a few badges with other badges already in the pipe line. He learns allot at scouts including survival skills which is very useful. Aaron is in the area scout group but also has links with the Ellesmere Troop due to a good friend of ours being the scout leader there.
There were many faces from school at the barbecue plus many old faces I have known for a long time but havent seen it was lovely catching up on all the gossip.
The children played during the evening and the barbecue food was delicious. We had a lovely time. Billy made many new friends and is a proud dad to our lovely boy Aaron. Lots of people commented on how they get on and many a friend says -
"Any man can be a father but it takes a special man to be a dad" Billy sure is a special dad to Aaron.
Here is a link to the official scout web site -

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