Sunday, June 28, 2009

West Midlands Show 2009

What a fantastic day out. Leaving misty Wales early in the morning, we headed towards Shrewsbury Show ground were the Sky's started to break to hazy sunshine.
Heading into the show ground we walked passed the stalls towards the cattle sheds and showing arena`s.

On the way we bought some magic pens for Aaron. Aaron is a very keen artist & creative writer we will be creating a blog and web site soon to show off his artistic talent. I am so proud to have such a multi talented child.

We next headed into the Walford Collage Tent, we looked at the piglets and the calf that we in the pens along with there mums. Next we walked along the cattle sheds watching some of the cattle showing events along the way. In the pens were bulls, cows, and sheep. Many different breeds all shapes and sizes. It was great being so up close and personal with these magnificent creatures.

Heading towards the back part of the penning system there were many different breeds of sheep and goats. Next stop was the lama, these had been brought in from mid wales trekking lama. There were 3 baby ones which were very cute. The larger lama came across as fearless as a large lorry thundered passed the wandered over to take a closer look.

After visiting the lama we headed over to watch the activity in the pig arena. Here a pink sow was not happy as she tried to escape the arena.Even with the way she behaved she still won the 2nd place in the event.

We then headed towards the main arena. We sat in the stands firstly watching the working hunter jumping competition.

Next on was the Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery. WOW what a performance. 70 + horses came into the arena teams of 6 pulling old cannons. The did a fantastic display ending there performance with the cannon`s blasting around the showground with the huge bang. it was a good job there was no one in there way as they thundered out of the arena at full charge.

Bolddog Lings was next in the arena. Bloddog Links are a motorcycle freestyle display team. On there Honda motorcycles they sailed into the air from high lift off ramps onto the back of the Honda team articulated lorry which had a built in ramp on top of it. The young lads did a range of freestyle tricks as the sailed into the air at times only just managing to grab the bikes as the hit the lorry ramp. It was a spectacular display by this professional team of young men.

It was the shows 120th Anniversary. the guest`s at the show included the shows president David Bellamy and Jean-Christophe Novelli.

After a look around the stalls we headed back to the arena to watch the Devils Horsemen in action there show was an re-enactment of the Wild West. With guns firing we watched as there fine horsemen did vaulting stunts. They were fantastic showing such wonderful riding stunts. There was even a stage coach high jack by the Mexican wild wets rebels. I have seen these perform before, the quality of there performance was spectacular.
We then headed to have another look around visiting many stalls on the way. Aaron found a curry tasting stall. he kept going back for more. he loves his different curries. I ended up buying him 3 tubs. We also bought wooden bird whistles these were great fun.

The axe men were are next stop along with the petting zoo. Here you got to look at many different pet animals. In the reptile tent Able to handle a python snake. We also looked at the other replies which included tarantula spiders, lizards and beaded dragons.
Moving on we visited the birds of pray. Here you got up close again to the birds which included eagles, Harris hawk and a red kite. These did a display in the arena also which were privileged to watch. The bird Tika the Harris hawk used in the display was allowed to fly free during the display to perform her skills. At one point Tika went missing from the Sky's and caused some concern as she failed to appear for a good five minutes. Eventually the highly skilled bird came flying back into the arena. To every ones relief.

Billy and Aaron headed off back into the stands to take their place`s for the next arena event which was the chariot racing. I went down the front to get some pictures of the horses. Again this was another fabulous show. Teams of two horses pulled the chariots a race was then held. It was great watching the show we all really enjoyed them. Whilst Billy kept our seats fro the next event , Aaron & I headed off to look for Titan the robot.

Well we found Titan alright or more to the point he found us. The 8ft Plus robot made a beeline right for us. I grabbed Aaron`s arm and ran for it. It not much fun getting chased by a 8ft robot from the film terminator. I ran and stopped. Turning slowly around I looked up to see this 8ft monster towering over us. It started to laugh and then is said " I get them every time asta la vista baby" still laughing. Aaron by this time was in heaps of laughter at me the shear look of terror on my face. I met a mum from Hope House hospice, she was with her daughter whom is in a wheelchair. She commented on how scary it looks. Titan certainly is a fabulous creation even though when he comes storming over to you he is very frightening. We watched Titan for quite some time. People ran all over the place away from him as he came towards them.
Also at the show were Morris dancers, belly dancer and a vintage classic car show. It was nice to see the proper old classic cars on display, not some of the old piles of made up scrape you sometimes are unfortunate to see.

Soon we headed back to the stands to watch the kings troop performance for the last time. Again it was another great display.
We then had a finale wander around before sitting on the grass to watch the 2nd performance by the Bolddog Lings. During this performance one of the young stars took a tumble off the ramp. He managed to get to his feet but was unable to take part in the rest of the show due to being injured.

Next on was the Ridgeside Lurcher Display. Here we watched the working dog display there skills at chase and retrieve. It was a great show. We were all completely knackered.
After this we headed home stopping to pick up a KFC on the way .
What a wonderful day out we had.
more pictures are available on the blog above and also on photo bucket on line photo albums links on the blog.
Sunday - day of rest We wandered around the local car boots including an afternoon one in Guilsfiled. We picked up some fab items. Aaron went to his friend`s house for the afternoon. We had a coffee with Darren and Cheryl before heading off. they live in a lovely house overlooking Llangedwyn. It is a lovely spot to chill for a while with a coffee. Darren brought Aaron home later with his sons. Another fab weekend roll on summer hols.

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