Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer Snowflakes @ Hope House June 09

Summer Snowflakes is a day held at Hope House Children`s Hospice for children that have died in Mid Wales, Shropshire and Cheshire.
Today the family and Friends of the children were invited to attended this special day of memories.
Special songs, poems and reading rang out in memory of these special children. Many tears were shed. Daniel`s and Callum`s names were read out during the service along with Matthew, Gaynors young son.
Callum is always included now with the hospice. Baby Callum is my baby son whom died after 4 1/2 hrs 0f life due to placenta eruption in 1996. This happened when a seat belt tightened around my bump at 36 weeks pregnant when the brakes were slammed on the car in temper, when I lost my way on a map down country lanes in South Wales.
During the day. Some of the carers told us story`s of there times with Daniel when he stayed at the hospice. Recently a few of them were chatting in the dining room about Daniel, they went on to say a picture with no - one near it flew off the wall, as they chatted about him. We no he is defiantly about you can feel him at times around you and he is always up to mischief
Balloons were set off in memory of all the children, we all wrote tags out that were attached to the balloons. Music was played as we released hundreds of balloons all together into the Sky's over Hope House Children`s Hospice.
During the day we received so many hugs off all our friends at the hospice. The staff have been there for Aaron and I for a very long time now. They were even present on New Years Eve 2007 , when our precious Daniel died. They continue to support us to this present day.
Daniel`s death has devastated everyone whom truly loved our precious boy, he stole hearts all around Shropshire and Wales. Nothing could ever replace Daniel. He was such a special boy making everyone love him with his cheeky naughty ways. He was a highly intelligent child despite his disabilities, he was able to communicate via sign language and walk using aids or even holding hands. He mastered his wheelchair really well moving around un aided even able to take the brakes on and off on his own. He was also able to ride his bicycle un aided and ride a horse with just side walkers on stand by in case his slipped. A child in a zillion with a personality to match.
The down side of his life was apparent from people whom have no morals he was even referred to as a black cloud at one point. I still have the print off to this day of the vile comments made by the scum that walk the earth. To certain people he was a hassle.
To his family and all whom loved and cared for Daniel, he was the most unique, comical, well loved little boy you could ever meet. We were proud to have him as a part of our family. His memory will live on forever.
Daniel lived life to the full and I am so glad I put all my time and efforts into helping him achieve so much during his short life. Both Aaron and I can move forward with our life with no regrets. We did all we could to help Daniel throughout his life and can live happily and content knowing this. We just wish he was here now so we could carry on caring for him.
To learn more about Daniel please visit - a web site dedicated to such a wonderful child

Above this blog are photographs of both the boys

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