Friday, June 26, 2009

Llangedwyn Water Fight June 09

What a fantastic time we all had. It was the annual Llangedwyn School water fight. We all ended up soaked to the skin. The kids started the fight then school staff joined in and then the parents. The children from Llanffylin High School arrived. It was great fun. Aaron had a super soaker along with some of the other kids. I managed to get my hands on one lucky giving as good as I got. Marja soaked Billy, so Billy chased her across the field she got a real soaking. Mr P and Mrs A were chased around the field by a gang of kids. We all had a great time. I made up some water bombs at home. Hiding them for a while then sneaking them out bombing the kids until they found out were they were hidden. They then bombed myself and the teachers with the bombs.
After wards the after school kids had a lovely cup of hot cocoa to warm them up again.

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