Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cycle Ride Up The Mountain & Top Gear Telly

Yet another beautiful sunny day took us for a walk over the Berwyn Mountains Mid Wales. We walked the paths taking a picnic with us for lunch. Aaron took his mountain bike, as the paths are very safe for him to ride on with no cars being around.

We walked through the wooded area heading towards the stream and the mini waterfall. First stop was to wait for Fred to climb back out of the stream. He was very wet and mucky by the time he had finished wallowing in the mud.

High up on the top of the mountains the views of Bala, Snowdonia and beyond were fabolous.
Aaron really enjoyed cycling. Fred also enjoying chasing him along. Now and then Fred would stop and have a roll about in the mucky dust that lined the path ways.

When we got Hungary we all stopped to eat our home made picnic. We sat in a wooded area and settled down to eat our picnic. Ham and cheese sandwiches, cake, biscuits crackers and a bottle of juice to wash it down.

We all had a wonderful walk in open countryside with plenty of fresh mountain air to breath. Pictured above are my boys. Aaron a very happy, fun loving, fit & healthy 10 yr old and my handsome Billy who has all his own teeth, sparkling eyes and a wonderful smile.
Many people comment on how well and happy we all look. They ask what the secret is ? The answer is simple when you are around people that truly love, cherish and care for you and you can trust them a billion %, it shows in your health and your looks the answer is as simple as that.

We headed home near Tea - time, we all settled down in front of the TV and watched Top Gear. We had such a laugh watching the top gear team heading off for a camping weekend in Dorset. After causing mayhem on the roads they eventually ended up accidentally setting the caravan on fire along with the tent and caravan next door to it. It was such a funny episode. What a way to end the day.

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