Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wookey Hole Somerset Feb 09

We visited Wookey Hole. This was a good place to explore. Ideal for children due to the variety of different activity's available.

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Our journey round wookey hole first took us to the fabulous caves link to caves :- We walked through a variety of caverns. Some of which were very colourful with stalagmites and stalactites lite up by coloured lights.

The river Axe runs throughout the cave. It is extremely deep in parts. One part had a boat tied up along what was an underground shore line.

We walked thought the cave ducking under the low parts and walking over high platform's with the river running far below us. It was a very interesting place to visit.

We spent quite some time in the cave. Spooky story`s were told as we travelled round. One about the Witch that was turned to stone by a monk and holy water. We learnt how the Celt's used the cave as there home and how due to the even temperature it was possible the cave would be warmer than the outside of the cave in the cold harsh winters around the Mendips.

We were also shown the wookey cave cheese that matures underground in time by now Aaron was sick of cheese ans so were we.
Are trip continued to the outside of the cave and into the fairy garden.

The fairy garden was very pretty it was near the cave entrance. We walked through the garden towards the dinosaur park. There was a huge King Kong here as well as huge dinosaur models.

Entering the buildings firstly took us into the museum. Here there were items that had been found in the cave along with diving equipment and displays of caveman times. The museum was very interesting.
Next stop was the paper mill here is were they make very expensive paper. The children can also have a go at paper making. It is interesting to watch.
Moving on we entered the play areas. There is a good soft play area for younger children.
We were getting hungry so we visited the canteen for lunch.

After we headed for the circus. Young children performed acrobatic tricks. They were really good and entertaining.

Also at wookey hole we looked at the clown museum. This was a very interesting museum filled with lots of clown material from all over the world. Fab to look and we all enjoyed this area.

Other places of interest included the old seaside penny machines, mirror mazes, funny mirrors and the pirates play area. The pirate play area includes canon`s firing soft balls. The children, mums and dads also had a good time here. I was glad I was on Aaron`s side.

All to soon our day at wookey hole was over. It was a good place to visit with a wide range of activity's to do although it was a little expensive.
To view more photographs from our Somerset visit. Visit photobucket on line photo page link opposite

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