Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Central Park Liscard Blast To The Past Feb 09

After visiting the beach we headed into Wallasey to Central Park. As the boys enjoyed playing football I thought this was a good safe place to take them.

As soon as I pulled up the boys jumped out of the car along with the football seeing the football pitches along with goal posts in the distance. I followed on with Fred the dog.

We all had a kick around for a while. Then decided to have a look around.

Central Park was I place I visited often when I was a child, teenager and in my early twenties. 20 yrs ago.

It was good to re visit. I remember walking my dogs here over many years. The park seemed so much smaller now. The duck pond was still the same with the Central Island where the ducks and swans built there homes. The pond was packed with ducks etc.

We carried on our walk towards another pond area and rose garden. Here we saw a group of playful grey squirrels. In this area there is also alot of open space. We walked along the edge of the old rose garden towards the central park statue. This statue is in memory of the men who died during the war.

There used to be a huge art craft collage situated in the park. I did a few courses here many years ago machine knitting and art and design. I loved to design my own clothes in those days and had quite a good little business going till my life went down hill after spitting with my childhood sweetheart and my dad dying. Thankfully my life is now back on track after meeting my husband to be Billy. I adore Billy he is a fantastic man. He has shown me how a woman should be treated by a man. Billy is the best. He is also a fab dad and role model for Aaron. We both love him to bits.

I was sad to see the collage had gone. A lady told me it had been burnt down over 12 mths ago by arsonists. Very sad it was a lovely old building.

We walked on came across the park. The park had changed it was very different. The boys had a play on the swings. Whilst they were settled I headed off to get a cup of tea.

I walked on to a newly developed part of the park. the walled garden this part of the part used to be rough and over grown. I was pleased to see it had been developed into a lovely place to relax along with a coffee shop and children's play area. This part of the park is run by special need people from a local service user day centre Riverside.

I go a cup of tea and headed back to keep and eye on the boys. Afterwards we headed off for another quick kick about before heading to pick Nana back up and heading home.
Here is a link to the parks web site

I really enjoyed my blast to the past today showing Aaron all my old haunts. Other photographs are on our photobucket on line photo albums.

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