Sunday, February 15, 2009

Everton V Aston Villa FA Cup 2009

Everton reached the quarter finals of the FA cup yesterday. They beat Villa 3 - 1 in an exciting FA cup tie at Goodison Park.
The boys were out early this morning headed up the valley to pick up the Sunday papers and do a bit of shopping. Aaron coming back with a mound of match attack cards.
After having an early roast dinner we to Llanstantffraid Football Club to watch the match.
Billy being a staunch Evertonian was very excited. Both Aaron and I were breaking our rule today and were cheering Everton on. Aaron dressed in royal blue to Billy`s delight.
There is a great atmosphere at the football club with many supporters being on many different sides. The manager of the football club is also an evertonian he and Billy get on well. We always received a warm welcome coming to this club.
Aaron's friend Callum has been staying with us for a few days whilst his mum and dad work. The boys enjoyed a kick about on the Llanstanffraid Football pitch at 1/2 time, Billy joined in running rings around the boys and scoring goals eventually slipping and twisting his knee. He has played semi professional in the past till he gain an injury which saw the end of his football career.
Gaynor also joined us after finishing work. We had a lovely afternoon out yet again.
Everton are now through to the quarter finals.

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