Sunday, February 8, 2009

Liverpool Museum Feb 09

Next stop was Liverpool National Museum. The museum covers 5 floors with lots to see for both children and adults.

On first floor is an aquarium, here you can find many fish from salt water, coral reef and rivers. There are camouflage sand sting ray, beautiful coloured coral fish, hermit crabs, star fish and many more sea creatures. The boys had took a lot of interest in here watching the watery creatures.
Next floor contains the bug house, here there are many creepy crawlies, there are preserved insects of most species. There are lots of interactive activities for the children to play with. Some live displays a tarantula spider, crickets, locust, scorpions and a display of working honey bees. The honey bee display had a pipe leading to the outside so the bees could go in and out of the building. I found these fascinating to watch.

Being allergic to wasp and bee stings and having to carry an epi pen adrenalin it was safe to watch these creatures from such a safe area. Aaron has been trained to help if I get stung so he knows what to do. He is such a clever little boy. I had been stung on a few occasions previous each time the stings got worse till i developed breathing problems and anaphlatic shock the last time I was stung, so now I carry a life saving epi pen.

The bug floor also has a hands on experience section which is very educational. Here the children can have hands on experiences with touchy feel ie snake skin, they can also look at particles of different materials such as bugs, skin etc.

A special display on this floor we all enjoyed was football, you could listen to music here which related to emotions on the football pitch. Here there are displays of medals and football cups and a football quiz. The boys really enjoyed this area.
Up another floor here is the display of the Egyptian mummies. Lots of interesting things to see on this floor. The boys had a go of the interactive computer games. Aaron learnt about Egyptian writing.

Next stop was the dinosaur display and butterfly world. We also visited the African display with totem poles, costumes etc. In this area there is also fascinating displays of different cultures from around the world. I really enjoyed the Indian display and Buddha. Again it was difficult moving the boys to the next section as they were so engrossed with the interactive computers.

The last floor was the space station. Billy had managed to get us tickets for the planetarium show. The boys looked around the space station playing again with the interactive games, they were fascinating learning about planets, stars, rockets and the weather.

Our last stop was for the night sky star show in the planetarium. Here we sat back comfy in our seats Billy`s hand came over to clasp mine he so romantic. We watched the stars above listening to the fascinating tales of the Greek gods and the zodiac.

We spent quite a few hours in the museum. We left and headed to St Johns Market to the KFC food hall. Here we all tucked in to KFC meal followed by ice cream and milky latte coffee. We then headed for the bus using our save away tickets back to Nana Theresa were are car was parked. Billy`s mum made us some tea before we handed Dillon back to Billy`s sister Lorraine. It was getting later now so we said our goodbyes before heading home. All shattered from a lovely day out.

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