Sunday, February 15, 2009

Aaron First Valentine`s Card 14/2/09


Aaron despite being only 10 yrs old has a girlfriend. Aaron`s girlfriend Amy is a lovely little girl. She made the effort today to post him his first valentines card. It was hand made with I love Aaron written all over. It brought me to tears. They have been going out now since November 2008. Both Amy`s mum Jo and myself wonder were this will lead. They are so sweet.

Aaron is developing into a wonderful young man. He is very talented in many areas in his life. He is top of the school with his work. He is an excellent reader and thinks nothing of reading openly in public. At Daniel`s funeral he stood in front of a packed church reading his words for his lost brother. He made me so proud that day.
His school reports are the best he is excellent at English, maths and all other subjects. He is out standing at computer skills and can finish any task put to him in such quick and accurate time. He is a keen football with strong leader ship skills. He is eager to learn and very enthusiastic. His writing and art skills are also outstanding for his age. He is a remarkable child in all area`s.
He is also talented in music, singing and acting. I have been pulled aside on many occasions by people that are so impressed with his talents.
Aaron is also now a keen scout already achieving his photography badge and mechanic badge in just a few short weeks.
Considering this little 10 yr old boy has been through so many tough time during his short 10yrs of life his ability to achieve is second to none. He is a star in his own right always encourage to pick up a new skill. Aaron is a multi talented child and puts his hand to any challenge he faces. Aaron also enjoys working on projects his latest project is about cars.
We are so proud of our Aaron he will go far in life with his knowledge, life experiences and skills. Along with all the help, love and encouragement that all of his family and friends can give him. We are all so proud of our very special multi talented little lad AARON. There is no other child on this planet that has gone through so much in his short life and come out the other side with such flying colours. Aaron surely is a child in a Billion nothing will ever stand in his way.

Well Done Aaron I will be setting up a special photo page on photobucket for Aaron shortly as he is a keen photographer like myself to find the page please click on link to on line photo pages opposite.

Questions asked -- This week I was asked a few questions about children. One was how do you get a child to talk about bad things that happen to them. The simple answer is you don't they talk to you. If a child has full trust and confidence with an adult IE mother / father / teacher they can and will talk about anything that worries them. I have a very close relationship with Aaron after all we have both been through together. Aaron will tell me anything that worries him on is own accord. I will then do my very best to ease his worry and guide him onto the right path to overcome his worry. You can also learn a lot from what children write or draw. I have done a bit of training on play therapy how we can learn from pictures and things children write and draw. I trained in this area whilst doing my NVQ 3. In early years child care and special needs. Having an NVQ helps in many ways learning about children and how they tick. I took on the running of Kids Club last September and really enjoy working back with children. I am qualified to run toddler playgroups and groups for older children.
Mostly before I worked with special needs and with children whom have behavioural problem. I enjoy working with children especially helping children with special needs and problem. Hence moving into the counselling area to develop more skills to help those children in need. Everyone says Aaron takes after his mum for being multi talented in many areas.
A CHILD SHOULD ALWAYS BE TOLD THE TRUTH losing trust in an adult they will bottle there feeling inside and store them away. If they no the truth and have trust in their parents care giver they will talk about any problem or worry they have openly. Sadly these days many parents are very selfish and only thing of themselves.

Question 2 - How can I get a child to co operate. Well you cant unless they want to and children should never be forced. When a child is being difficult never use force. Talk to the child in a clam quite way listen to what they have to say. Children should be allowed to reach their own decisions as long as it doesn't put them in any danger or harm. All children have minds thoughts and feelings sometimes these are over looked by parents and care givers then the children will rebel. Aaron is very good at making his own decisions and knows his own mind ad what he wants hence this is just one of the reasons he is such a strong confidant boy in his own right.

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