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St George`s Hall Feb 09 Liverpool

We headed off early making our way to Billy`s mums Nana Theresa. We parked the car up at her bungalow on the outskirts of Liverpool before having a cuppa and picking up our nephew Dillon. We then headed for the bus stop, using our save aways we boarded a double decker bus heading for Liverpool City Centre. The boys took root on the top floor at the front sitting together up to mischief already.

We got off the bus in town. Our first stop was St George`s Hall. The hall is open to the public only for the next few weeks. So we decided to visit whilst we had the chance to see an insight into such a fascinating place said to be one of the best historical building outside of London.

We entered the building there were sniff tests in tanks. The naughty boys set Billy up for the sniff test of disgusting smells inc body odour, rotting rubbish and rotting flesh. Boys will be boys

The tour took us to the court rooms here all the boys were on full form displaying there talents in performing arts. Aaron had Dillion in the dock, Billy became the judge ordering both boys a good thrashing poor Dillon never got a look in. The court room and judge chambers in prestige condition Worth oak wood surroundings.

Next we headed to the dungeon I tried to lock all three of them in the cells for a bit of piece but Billy over powered me locking both the boys in instead. He flickered his big brown eyes at me I had to let him escape. Moving on we headed down to the cells. Here we learnt about how the prisoner's lived, capital punishment, hanging and torture. It had been a wicked world in the olden times.

We headed back up stairs towards the main attraction the great hall with Minton Floor. Many people had come far to visit this great historic hall, there were a couple from Norway.

The hall was magnificent with a huge organ at one end held up by status of Neptune the god of the sea. There were stained glass window above the hall at both ends one display was St George and the Dragon.

St George`s hall is one of the finest neo classical buildings in Europe. Today following its restoration it continues to represent the heart of the city of Liverpool.
The main attraction of the hall is the Minton Floor. The tiles were manufactured in Stoke on Trent. The tiles are encasustic, this is a method that creates the design where coloured clay is pored into moulds and fired giving more durability to the patterns and the tiles.

The design comprises some 30,000 tiles laid in 1852 costing £2000. It is 140 feet long ans 72 feet wide.
Minton tiles are found all over the world including the White House Washington USA. They are situated around the fireplaces and in tiled floors laid from 1876.
The hall is defiantly worth a visit for those of you who enjoy visiting historical buildings. Before we left we visited the Minton Tea rooms for a cream tea, with the boys tucking into crisps and coke. Our journey carried on which is the following blog. Liverpool Museum.

Info St Georges Hall was re opened by prince Charles on April 23rd 2007, The day Daniel was 10 yrs old his last birthday alive. St George's day

Here is a visit Liverpool Link about the hall

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