Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Snowwwwwwwwwww Fun Feb 09

After a relaxing weekend shopping. We were faced with the Snow. One side of the valley ended up getting more snow than the other. School to the joy of the kids was closed so off we went tobogganing.

We are lucking to live in such a beautiful area of Mid Wales. Behind our house is a mixture of flat and hilly area`s. So off went the kids.

Above is the view of the fields around us there are more photo`s on the photobucket pages links opposite under our home.

As you can see the boys had a fantastic time, they came down the hill at a good speed straight across the flat part of the field ending up some distance away.

There were a few crashes but overall they has great fun. The snow was quite thick around the house. Great day for us all.
We came back home to a home cooked meal of Lancashire Hotpot with red cabbage and buttered crusty bread. Afterwards we cuddled up with a large mug of tea in front of an open fire. Which warms the heart and soothes the mind. The three of us snuggled up together.

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