Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Moonlight Journey Feb 09

It was a beautiful array night across the Tanant Valley. Billy and I made our way to pick Aaron up from scouts. ( He has earn`t his mechanics`s badge over last few weeks working in a local car garage gaining experience learning how to MOT, service a car and change a tyre, I have done a service and repair course at collage also which I enjoyed. )
Anyway back to our journey. I sky was littered with brightly coloured stars and a beautiful full moon.
After picking Aaron up we slowly drove home taking in the breath taking site. The moon glowed with a shimmer of orange and look very close to the earth. Aaron was fascinated yet a little scared seeing the moon in its full glory. Reaching our home Billy and I held hands watching the moon and the stars. Aaron picking out different named stars. Orion's belt was very clear last night along with the brightest star in the universe at the tip of his toe. Aaron has many interests in life with stars and the night sky being one of them.
web site links to the moon and the stars.

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