Friday, January 1, 2016

Magical Lights At Powis Castle

On a dark but relatively warm evening Aaron and I headed off in the Mini  for a little mini mayhem to Welshpool. 
Upon the hill on the outskirts of Welshpool stand the beautiful Powis Castle. Its a magical place in day light but tonight was a little different. It was very dark but the castle was lite up with beautiful lights. The garden was very pretty with lights lighting up many a tree, one particular tree caught my eye. A white light lite up all the naked branches, this gave the tree a a look as if it had been touched by frost. It was magical.
High on the bank stood the castle surrounded by lights that lite up the brick work the colour changes gave it a look of a very spooktacular  castle leaving you  with a surreal feeling of spookyness.
We both had a lovely time strolling the gardens.
Wandering up to the castle walking through the court yard a huge Christmas tree stood tall glistening with many pretty lights. Some of the castle rooms where open and dressed for Christmas. It was very beautiful inside. We walked the rooms also the cellars  which had a real eerie feel knowing it was dark outside.
We finished the evening off with a lovely cup of hot chocolate and a drive back through the lights of Welshpool.  A magical Christmas evening.

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