Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Ice Lagoon Icebergs. Iceland

This stunning collection of photographs are of the Ice Lagoon, Iceland. The lagoon is is the consequence of the melting glazier. Its hard to believe in just 80 years the lagoon which we sailed in the boat was once a glazier which went out into the sea. This is proof of the times we live in global warming. As the glazier has melted it has  left a stunning lagoon filled with icebergs some big some small. the icebergs are spread out as the lagoon leads into the sea. The glazier must have reached approx 1 mile away from the sea to where it once stood.
These next group of photographs are of the south coast of Iceland. It was a stunning day for our visit. We where told it is normally bitterly cold in these parts but alas the sun shone down. We stayed quite a few hours in these parts and watched as the sun began to set over the lagoon. The boat we went out on is similar to the duck amphibian boats that go over land and water. It was an amazing trip one I will treasure always in my memories. Welcome to the Ice Lagoon Iceland.
All these photographs are my own. 

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